Blueland Product Review

After a delayed arrival of our eco friendly Bluland cleaning spray, my family and I have tested it out, and have enjoyed the product greatly. We ordered hand the hand soap shortly after we discovered this satisfaction, and I have liked using this product as well. This article will be a comparison of the products, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and Blueland.

My family has been using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day for years now – possibly even since we have moved in! The soaps and cleaning liquids have stuck in our family for quite a while, and we have more wrapped in plastic in the bathroom closet. The only big problem with this company is that they utilize so much plastic when making their bottles that go to the consumers. This problem is fixed when Blueland comes along and saves the day from a plastic overload. With tablets that can dissolve in just plain water, the company also could be magic in the way that they can transform ordinary liquid into a powerful cleaning solution.

I hope that my family members will stick with me to keep Blueland for the years to come, and help me end the ongoing plastic battle of the 20th century.

Will you buy in to Blueland? Will you get rid of your plastic cleaning bottles and finally switch over? It’s a simple win for the planet, so why not try it?