Yes, Converse Made Recycled Shoes

While in Florida a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an interesting article that I couldn’t help but read. It mentioned that Converse, the shoe company that has redefined footwear, would be coming out with a collection of recycled shoes. Now, these aren’t just any ordinary sneakers and high tops, these were made out of plastic bottles.

The company released the entire collection on their site, and I must say, they look exactly like the regular shoes that have been sold for a while now. Here’s what they do to make them: bottles are broken down into small flakes, melted down, and rolled so that it can be made into yarn for the sewing process. This isn’t the only thing that they’re doing with their Renew Collection. Starting August 1st, you can customize your pair of shoes, and also in August, you can buy recycled denim footwear along with the regular type. I’ve been looking for a pair of Converse that I liked for a while, and now that I know that these are out in the world, I want to get a pair for myself.

Will you get some of these for yourself? What about the environment? What can you do for the planet?

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