The Extreme Heat Of Florida


As you may have heard, I have traveled to Florida for the week for vacation. Though it’s just the third day of me being down here, things have happened that made me feel not that great inside. For example, today at the 4th of July parade, confetti was blasted out of a cannon. That cannon was just a few hundred feet from the waves, and though all of the little flakes were most likely bio-degradable, it still would have made any Earth lover uneasy.

Now let’s get into the title of this article. It has been incredibly hot down here, and hot enough where the humidity was worse than New Delhi, India. It was hot enough where you needed the A/C after an hour in the sun. The pool that I swam in felt cold compared to the temperature in the air. Lot’s of this heat has to do with us as humans. We are responsible for the ozone layer thinning, therefore making it hotter than ever before. Watch the video below for more information on the depletion.

What can you do to stop the world form being a heat trap? How can the next generation of people save the planet?