Summer: The Plastic Will Now Arrive

Summer is coming, and fast. An example of why it’s here already is the following… Panama City, Florida got up to 90° this week. Yes, 90°. Anyway, people like to travel during the Summer time, and not many of them realize that it’s also a plastic trap.

Every once in a while, I go to Florida, and try to get onto the beach. That beach, however, is a lot of the times populated with hundreds of people relaxing under blue umbrellas. For example:

Anyway, over Christmas break, I came across trash. Lots of trash. It ranged from plastic straws to plastic drink cups. I feel extremely sad about this, and even though I knew that there was a crew that was to come and clean it up, that gave the plastic plenty of time to enter the water.

I’m going to give everyone a challenge. It won’t be too hard, but you may have to take a little walk. Here it is: I want everyone who is reading this right now to pick up garbage over the Summer, whether you’re going somewhere or not. The Earth will thank you greatly!